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GEM alumni join DPC’s 2016 Class of Mentees

September 1, 2015

Congratulations to GEM alumni Heath Lovell and Lincoln Anderson who have been accepted into the Denver Petroleum Club’s Mentor/Mentee program.

Lincoln Anderson“I’m seeking to find a role model through this program; someone who is inspiring and a great example to professionally mirror,” said Anderson, a Lease Analyst at SM Energy Company. “I don’t have much of an opportunity at work to get to know management in this capacity, so engaging with someone who has had a successful career would be a great benefit.”

The Mentor/Mentee (M&M) program brings together established oil & gas industry leaders with young industry professionals to provide insight, guidance, and advice regarding their professional career development.

Lovell and Anderson will join a group of 15 mentees who will begin working together in August 2015. The program will culminate at the Club’s 2016 Charity Bash held in May 2016.

“I’m looking forward to participating in planning and managing that [event],” Anderson said. “It’s reassuring to know we’re working to help the Denver community, and at the same time gaining experience with planning and executing a project.”

Lovell, a Senior Landman at Anadarko Petroleum Corp., joined the program because he is new to the Denver area.Heath Lovell

“I wanted to broaden my network base and have the opportunity to be mentored by some of the leading energy professionals in the area,” he said. “I have set the bar very high for myself in this new chapter of my life and will take all of the knowledge and mentoring I can get. Companies, their assets and jobs come and go. Relationships, knowledge, education and experience stand the test of time and is what propels an individual in their career.”

“I always try to put myself in a position to learn as much as possible from those who have been in the industry a lot longer than I have. Anytime I get the opportunity to sit and hear one of my elders provide advice, I am always tuned in. The parties and balls sound fun too, but I am excited about the charity aspect of the experience as well,” Lovell added.

From monthly educational meetings to competitive games and volunteer projects, there is a lot to be accomplished in just nine short months.

GEM has also had 14 mentees in previous classes including: Greg Adam, Chase Boswell, Michael Burn, Jessica Cavens, Scott Hazelwood, Bruce Hopkins, Kyle Hoppes, AJ Jairamani, Ryan Johnson, Patsy Landaveri, Owen McMillen, Ryan Pocius, Blake O’Shaughnessey, and David Watts.

GEM Advisory Council Members who have donated their time as mentors in the industry include: John Mork, Bill Schneider, Peter Dea, and Dave Keyte.

For more information about the program, please contact Sally Hallingstad at (720) 663-9070.

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