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GEM Program Salutes Its Veterans (Daniel Alexander)

June 4, 2015
Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander

Raised in Iowa, I joined the U.S. Navy right after high school in 1996 and was trained as a mechanic to operate nuclear power plants. I continued working for the US Navy until 2009, during which I operated nuclear power plants onboard two aircraft carriers and spent more than four years as an instructor. After my time in the service, I was hired by Ormat Technologies to be a Maintenance Manager at a geothermal power plant in Brawley, California. Earlier this year, I was transferred to the corporate office in Reno, Nevada to lead the development of an integrated training program. 

 My choice to enter the GEM Program was greatly influenced by a good friend who I served with in the military. He knew I was looking to further my education and wanted a curriculum that would be beneficial to furthering my career, as well as increasing my marketability as an employee. That is exactly what GEM has done for me so far, and I am sure it will continue to do so in the future. The program opens your eyes and educates you on multiple facets within your organization that may currently not be your direct responsibility.

 The Global Energy Management (GEM) Program is a profound and insightful program that challenges students, while being flexible enough to accommodate their full time jobs. Students who successfully navigate the program course load gain invaluable knowledge, network contacts, and perspectives.

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