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Energy Moving Forward 2015: North American Energy Independence

June 1, 2015

The Global Energy Management Program will host its fifth annual Energy Moving Forward forum in June. Panelist discussion will focus on North American Energy Independence and current obstacles from making it an immediate reality.

“It’s an issue that will take on increasing importance over the next few years and EMF 2015 is of the first to address it in Denver,” said GEM Executive Director Jim Marchiori. “Plus, it’s just an interesting afternoon and a good way to network with peers across the Denver energy community. I am really happy that GEM is able to bring these global issues to Denver, and I hope to see everybody there.”


Robert Bryce, Journalist and Author

Author Robert Bryce is the keynote speaker, and his presentation will focus on the energy independence mirage, the shale gale, and the second American Century. The closing keynote speaker Dr. Ram Shenoy, chief technology officer at ConocoPhillips, will discuss technology drivers behind the energy revolution.

“It’s a chance to hear top-level experts discussing a topic of major importance across the industry,” Marchiori said. “The drive for energy independence – or interdependence – for North America is going to be a major source of growth for our industry and the economy as a whole, not to mention security for the United States and our Mexican and Canadian energy partners.”

The plummeting crude oil prices have created a tidal wave of effects: rig counts in Colorado and Texas have dropped dramatically, capital budgets have been severely cut, employees are losing their jobs by the thousands, and lower oil & gas prices have made it more difficult for other energy sources to compete.

Ram Shenoy CTO, ConocoPhillips

Ram Shenoy
CTO, ConocoPhillips

Has America’s dream of becoming energy independent faded along with this price decline, or has it highlighted our need to become energy independent? Many factors must converge for North America to become energy independent. Energy Moving Forward (EMF) 2015, presented by the Global Energy Management Program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School, will address the economic and geopolitical forces surrounding energy independence as well as the regulatory and infrastructure challenges that impede its progress.

Attendees of EMF 2015 will gain a greater understanding of the major questions facing energy independence. The event will begin at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 9 at the Four Seasons Hotel Denver.  Register here!

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