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Three students receive GEM Leaders Scholarship

May 21, 2015

GEM would like to congratulate students Jackie Michael Cárdenas, Carrie Dixon, and Mike Gallo who are recipients of the GEM Leaders Scholarship. This award was recently developed for new students entering the program who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and potential for future success in the energy industry.

Carrie Dixon

Carrie Dixon

Carrie Dixon

GEM student Carrie Dixon, a trading analyst at Xcel Energy, plans to use the scholarship funding to take part in the Global Energy Management Program’s Washington D.C. and London travel courses.

“I anticipate that the experiences and knowledge that I will gain through the GEM Program will give me a distinct advantage, making me an even more valuable asset to my company,” she said. “GEM is strengthening my business expertise within the context of the energy industry. This exposure is something that I feel I would not get with a traditional MBA.”

While in the GEM Program, Dixon plans to build on her analytical career and eventually move into a forward-looking, strategic planning position.

“I want to drive successful integration of new energy initiatives, while maintaining compliance with evolving government mandates,” she said. “I believe a MS in Global Energy Management will take me from where I am today, to where I want to go. The unique focus will give me an edge to becoming a leader in the industry.”

Mike Gallo

Mike Gallo

Mike Gallo

For GEM student Mike Gallo, the award was reassuring evidence that he was on his way to achieving his academic and professional endeavors.

“My family also was very excited,” he said, “especially, since I am the only one with a bachelor’s degree and now on the road to achieving a master’s degree.”

Gallo is a Senior Right-of-Way Agent at Universal Field Services. Although he only recently started his coursework, Gallo has already benefitted from the expertise of the GEM faculty.

“After completing the first two classes, my outlook on the energy industry has changed drastically,” he said. “From truly learning and understanding the world’s energy issues and how important economics is to production, my career as a land man is prevailing. I can easily address all concerns and issues landowners have on the spot, which I credit fully to the GEM program.”

Gallo’s career goal is to work in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, Oklahoma as a director for a midstream land department.

“Enrolling and graduating from the GEM Program will give me the knowledge and career advancement that would normally take a decade to achieve,” Gallo added. “Upon graduation, I know that no job is out of the picture and I have many more doors to open to a brighter future.”

Jackie Michael Cárdenas

Jackie Michael Cárdenas

Jackie Michael Cárdenas

Cohort XIII member Jackie Michael Cárdenas was honored to receive a scholarship from the GEM Program.

“It was an important sign of support from the university that helped me to go through the first quarter in the sense that I had to worry for one less aspect and therefore I could focus more on my studies,” she said.

Cárdenas is a business developer for Cogenra Solar and part of a team that studies the implementation of renewables in Chile for the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As a GEM student, she has obtained invaluable knowledge, a broad network, and lasting friendships.

“I want to acquire further knowledge from the professors and classmates to be able to advance in my career path, because I felt that I had reached the highest position I could with the education and experience I had before starting the program,” she said. “The program is providing state of the art knowledge of a wide spectrum of energy resources. This knowledge is already a strong tool when talking with governmental authorities and high executives of energy companies.”

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