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GEM’s Gems April 2015 – Clayton Reed

April 1, 2015
Clayton Reed

Clayton Reed

The Global Energy Management Program has been instrumental in my successful fast track into management. Upon enrolling in the program, I had some leadership skills but not the specific knowledge and skill sets needed to advance. I came out of the program with a comprehensive understanding of the energy industry as well as the solid knowledge base you would get out of a traditional MBA program. Energy efficiency, in particular, draws on influences from all sectors of the industry, and understanding how all these pieces fit together has been very beneficial to my career.

I chose the GEM Program because I wanted something more specific than an MBA. I knew that I wanted to be in the energy industry, and I knew that an industry specific program like this would give me much more valuable skills and knowledge than I could get from a traditional business program. There was, of course, the added benefit that I could attend the program anywhere while working full-time.

I began my professional career as the head ski coach for Babson College. I believe this experience taught me many of the leadership skills that I use today in my job. I worked for four years in Massachusetts for the MassSave energy efficiency program run by Conservation Services Group. I began my career at the bottom, conducting energy audits in homes every day. I worked my way up into management while attending the GEM program.

 I loved the flexibility of the GEM Program. I was able to work a full-time job while going to school. The program gave me skills that I could use immediately on the job. As many studies have shown and my personal experience can attest to, learning by doing is incredibly effective, and this program gave me the ability to do just that.


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