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GEM’s Gem says the opportunities the program provides are ‘limitless’ (Heath Lovell)

March 2, 2015

Global Energy Management alumnus Heath Lovell recently moved to Denver after accepting the position of Senior Landman at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.
Heath Lovell
“You get out of the GEM Program what you put into it, and the opportunities are limitless,” he said. “One of the major reasons I have the job I have now with Anadarko, along with job offers from companies like Occidental Petroleum and Noble Energy, is because of the education that I received from GEM.”

Lovell, 32, graduated from the program in December and gave a speech during the ceremony.

“GEM opened my eyes,” he said. “I was a very close-minded individual about the energy industry coming into this program. Now, I see the big picture and know a lot about it. I can sit down with accountants, engineers, people in finance, and people in the utility industry among many others and speak their language.”

The Global Energy Management (GEM) Program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School is a hybrid-online Master of Science degree program. Each quarter, students attend four days of class at the Denver campus with their cohorts. The next nine weeks of class are completed online.

Lovell, a member of Cohort X, sought a degree from GEM for several reasons.

“Obviously for the quality of the education, but a major reason was also because of the staff,” he said. “Building relationships is a very important aspect of being a landman so I always try to develop a positive rapport with the people I engage. The folks at GEM developed this with me immediately, and I felt very comfortable and confident that this was where I wanted to be for an advanced education in energy.”

He was also attracted to the program because of its emphasis on all facets of the energy business.

“It was important to me that I learn more about accounting, finance, engineering, and the legal side of things in the energy sector,” Lovell added. “I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and if I am to ever start my own company or be part of a startup someday, being educated in these other disciplines in the energy sector are invaluable.”

Please tell us a little bit about your current role & responsibilities.
I am a Senior Landman on the E&P Surface Wattenberg team for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. My role is to work with the other disciplines involved and develop operational plans within the asset to optimize our position as a company in one of the most challenging regulatory environments in the country. I negotiate contracts, whether that be various joint venture agreements, surface use agreements, subsurface easements, surface damage agreements, assignments, right of ways, or easements just to name a few. I play a key role in determining and designing drilling locations through project due diligence, land/mineral owner consultations, and community engagement, while maintaining compliance with COGCC rules and regulations. I am one of the major conduits between the company itself, the land owners, and local communities in our area of operations in the Wattenberg.

What do you enjoy most about working in the energy industry?
I enjoy knowing that everything I do has a major impact in our everyday lives. The energy industry is arguably the most important industry in our world, and knowing that I make an impact within that sector is very gratifying.

What were some of your favorite things to do during cohort weekends? What cohort are you associated with?
I enjoyed catching up with my peers and going out on the town in the evenings. Denver has so many places to eat and hang out at. I am associated with Cohort X-Men (Cohort 10).

What are some of the things that you never forget to bring to cohort weekends?
I would always bring my computer, iPad, and clothing for both warm and cold weather. The computer is obviously for school work, the iPad is for watching sports while in class (this is strictly for extremely talented multi-taskers like myself only), and clothing for both warm and cold weather is in order to be prepared for beautiful warm weather one day (even in the winter) and freezing cold weather the next. Oh, and don’t forget a koozie (a contraption to keep your beverage cold during consumption for those of you who are not familiar with my Texas lingo)!

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