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GEM’s Gems December 2014 – Greg Adam

December 17, 2014

December GEM’s Gem Greg Adam recently accepted a new position as a Sales Engineer for Allied Oil and Gas Services and works with the company’s Denver-based clients to offer products and services to meet their cement product needs.

Greg Adam and his wife Audra Adam.

Greg Adam and his wife Audra Adam.

“Cement isn’t the most glamorous aspect of oil and gas, but it is one of the most critical to keeping [hydraulic fracking operations] well safe and producing for years,” he said.

Adam, 28, who was a member of Cohort VII, said his favorite aspect of the energy industry is its scale.

“I am always surprised to see how large it is,” he said. “I came from the military and know how far reaching that is, but the oil and gas industry has so many parts to it.  I enjoy learning about the different roles people play in the industry.”

Receiving a degree from GEM has opened many doors for Adam.

“I came from working with satellites in the Air Force and had no background in this industry,” he said. “GEM gave me a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities in many different aspects of the energy industry. We had people who worked for electric, solar, and geothermal as well as every aspect of oil and gas. My network in the industry grew, and several classmates took active roles in helping me transition when I left the military.”

What were some of your favorite things to do during cohort weekends?

It was great to see everyone again during cohort weekends and to reconnect & bond. You become focused on your group and the course projects during the first four days, but occasionally make time to enjoy a few drinks after class.

What are some of the things that you never forgot to bring to cohort weekends?

  1. Aspirin:  Cohort VII did a lot of ‘networking’ after class.
  2. Notes: There is such tidal wave of information that occurs during the in class weekends that you need some way to manage it all. It was always helpful to have the slides printed or a notebook to jot things down on.
  3. Open Mind: The point of this program is to challenge and teach you to think differently. The best thing you can do is embrace it.

Why did you choose the GEM program at CU Denver?

I started the program while I was still on active duty in the United States Air Force. At the time, it was important for your career progression to have a master’s degree. I started looking around at the MBA options in Denver and discovered the GEM Program. It seemed like an exceptional program and offered a more unique experience than a general MBA. Also, I really liked the structure of the classes since I was on a crew rotation (shift work) and wouldn’t be able to attend a normal program two nights a week.

Please share a story about GEM that will entertain other students

My wife and I were both in grad school when we got married. I was in the middle of Q4 in the finance and human resources classes. I remember being holed up in my hotel room getting an HR project squared away. One of my teammates actually came to pick up a thumb drive with all the files on it from me as I was headed out for my bachelor party. But, the professors were amazing with an understanding that we had life going on outside of the program. I asked for and received reprieves so I didn’t have to do homework on

my honeymoon. It is all about communicating these issues ahead of time.

Is there anything else new in your life that you would like to add?

I get to travel for work a lot; it is nice to really learn about my new company and get to see the field offices. I am gone every other week and am really enjoying meeting all the people at my new company. So far, I have been to Texas three times out of the past five weeks.

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