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GEM students explore global energy perspectives firsthand

November 3, 2014

Thirteen Global Energy Management Program students and one alumnus recently returned from the Special Topics course in London, each with colorful memories that will last a lifetime.

GEM London course“I thought it went extremely well logistically given the group size, and I was thoroughly impressed by the presenters we visited,” said Bryan Burns, a member of Cohort VIII.

Lecturer Herb Rubenstein led the course and said it was as close to a “future of energy” course as you can get.

“Our briefings let our student get a sense of what the energy outlook will be in the next few decades,” he said. “GEM students get to see the world on this trip through a European and British lens, and those lenses are different from the U.S. lens that most GEM students experience.”

The group met leaders from the industry’s private, non-profit, and municipal sectors. They received briefings from representatives of: the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Renewable Energy Foundation, Shell, BP, Oxford Alalytica, Valero, Anadarko, International Energy Agency — Clean Coal Center, and Valero Refining Company.

“GEM students can call on all of the people who gave us briefings for the rest of their career,” Rubenstein said. “Our students learned that they can, on their own, identify and meet energy leaders all over the world for the benefit of their own career and for their companies. This builds the ‘world competence’ of our students.”

GEM Student Jorge Chegin also enjoyed the trip to London. “Each presentation was relevant to our classes, and more importantly the whole trip brought the global aspect of the program to a new level,” he added.

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