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GEM Program’s second offering of MOOC course offers Signature Track

November 3, 2014

Global Energy Management Program’s Dr. Michael Orlando has new expectations and goals for the second offering of his massive, open, online course (MOOC) titled Fundamentals of Global Energy Business this fall.

MOOC“I’m planning to spend more time coaching the discussions,  since I am more familiar with Coursera course administration now,” he said. “I think I have a better sense of what can be achieved in this setting.”

This is the first time that a signature track is being offered. This is a special option that allows students to securely link their coursework to their identity to prove that they did all the work. Students who successfully complete the course earn a verified certificate. “Signature Track allows students to pay a fee and go through a few extra steps to verify they are the ones doing each assignment,” Orlando added. “It allows students to earn a verified credential indicating mastery of the course material.”

The course officially opened on Oct. 20 and runs for eight weeks, including six weeks lecture videos. More than 100 registered students have already signed up for the signature track; the option to join the course on signature track remains open until Nov. 2. Orlando expects more students to register over the coming weeks, for both free participation and the signature track.

If you are interested in signing up, please register for a free account at, and then go to and add this class to your “watchlist.”

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