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Former GEM Lecturer Frank Lee Moseley will be missed 

September 16, 2014
Frank Moseley

Dr. Frank Moseley and his wife Carmela Moseley.

It is with deep regret that the Global Energy Management Program informs you that former GEM lecturer Dr. Frank Moseley has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Frank Lee Moseley (August 14, 1943 — June 2, 2014) taught Financial Management in the Energy Industry for the GEM Program. In addition, he began teaching in the Accounting and Finance Department of the College of Business at Minot State University (ND) in 2002. He passed away in his hometown of Morrison, Colorado.

Frank Moseley’s wife Carmela Moseley said that what her husband enjoyed most about teaching was mentoring, cultivating student skills, and steering them forward academically & professionally.

Dr. Moseley personally financed a student’s business venture in the 1980’s when banks would not lend the funds, she said.

“He liked his student’s oil and gas unique venture that the young man envisioned,” she said. “With Frank’s business experience, the young man became very successful from that venture.”

Dr. Moseley was very passionate about teaching, and he touched many lives throughout his career.

“You never stop learning,” Carmela Moseley said. “This industry is constantly changing especially in technology. Take all the institutional courses you can, preferably at renowned institutions, stay up-to-date.”

Dr. Moseley earned a Ph.D. in Mineral Economics with a major in Business Strategy and Finance from the Colorado School of Mines. He also earned a MBA and M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech and the University of Houston, respectively. Dr. Moseley graduated from the Advanced Management Program at Wharton and a Real Options Program at Stanford. In addition, he was AACSB Accredited from Virginia Tech University in Carolina in 2009 in order to teach at the top business schools around the world. He was also an association member at the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the Association For Energy Economics.

He had numerous years of international business experience with multi-national energy companies in many areas of the world including the North Sea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Australia. He has specialized in the areas of management, finance, and economics for offshore and onshore projects within the energy markets. He was chairman of an international oil services company and served as a board director in the public and private sectors for various petroleum companies.

In 2009, he became the founder of the Energy Economics & Financial Major in the college of business at Minot State. This unique program addressed an unmet need in North Dakota and the region for a program that combined strong financial analysis with energy content. Graduates from the program are skilled to fill professional positions as business/financial/project analysts for energy organizations and utilities, energy loan specialists for financial institutions, and a variety of other roles including energy economists, corporate planners with eventual CFP or CEO positions, and positions as energy-audit consultants to public service companies.

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