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Global Energy Management Program is Proud to Welcome Cohort X

June 27, 2013

A majority of the Global Energy Management Program’s alumni have rapidly gone on to receive job promotions, start their own companies, and are being hired by premier energy businesses and government entities. The next set of students in Cohort X, who will start school in July, are eagerly looking forward to what the future holds in store for their energy careers.

James Hunter, a student in Cohort X, decided to apply for the GEM Program

At the CU Denver Business School after reading about the program online and talking to current students.

“I chose the GEM program because I wanted a unique experience in graduate school, one that would differentiate me from other financial professionals that I work with,” said Hunter, who is a Financial Analyst at Siemens Industry. “I plan to grow into an effective business partner and leader by developing and acquiring vision, strategy and direction throughout the program. I am also looking forward to the teambuilding and networking opportunities within the program.”

Hunter was thrilled when he found out he was accepted by the program.

“I can’t wait to start,” he said. “The support from my manager and the company itself, made my decision to go back to school a fairly easy one.”

Jen Keller, also an incoming student in Cohort X, was encouraged to pursue a career in energy by a former teacher and mentor. After some personal research and with the support of her mentor, Jen decided to earn her Master’s in the GEM Program to fine-tune her skills and help realize her career goals.


Cohort X’s Jen Keller

“My experience comes from the conservation and renewable side of the energy industry,” said Keller, who is the VP of Operations at Pleasant Valley Biofuels. “I hope the GEM program will widen my perspective on the industry as a whole and give me the confidence I need to move forward in my career.  I feel as though I have a good foundation of knowledge, but I know the GEM program has what I need to understand where I fit in the industry.”

In addition to her desire for a top-rate and focused education in energy management, she hopes to build lasting relationships with colleagues in Cohort X, teachers, and energy leaders as she completes the program.

“I know we can all learn a lot from one another and find success in future endeavors,” Keller said. “This program has been one of my goals for the last couple years.  By the time I completed all the grad prep and the application process, I was very relieved to hear I was accepted to pursue such a unique and amazing opportunity with the GEM program.  I am a little nervous for the rigorous coursework, but it is something that I have been preparing myself for. Overall, I am so anxious to complete the GEM program and to see its results as I advance my career.

Another one of Keller’s colleagues in Cohort X is Sun Liang, an Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Analyst at the US Department of Energy – China Office.

“I started considering career development last year,” Liang said. “Because of official travels to the USA for different programs, I have been to Washington DC, Denver, Portland and San Francisco. So, I began researching from those areas. I accidentally ran into a description of GEM at CU Denver and found out that both the content and the feature (hybrid online) of the program fit my expectation very well.”

He said he believes that this will be an “extraordinary” experience since it will be his first time studying overseas.

“Besides long distance travel and jet lag, returning to school can be exciting because it will allow me to learn knowledge and new ideas, thus inspiring myself of ways of improving energy project management and career path,” Liang said. “Another exciting point is to sit among people from different cultures with different experiences but the same goal of contributing to the energy world.”


Cohort X’s Sun Liang poses for a photo with Dr. Poneman, the Depurty Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Liang and his supervisors were tremendously excited when he was accepted into the GEM program. “My wife has also been greatly supportive, which makes me feel so brave about challenging myself again.”

GEM is one of only two programs in the U.S. designed for energy professionals who want to advance their careers. It focuses exclusively on developing future leaders, and most enrolled students are already highly experienced and working in the energy industry. However, the program also accepts non-energy professionals who are looking to transition their careers into this dynamic and growing sector.

Each graduate course is specially constructed to address business topics pertaining to the energy industry and management. The program’s hybrid-online delivery method allows busy professionals from around the world to earn their Master’s degree wherever they work or live. At the beginning of each quarter, students travel to Denver for four days, Friday through Monday, to meet for classes. GEM students then return home and complete the remainder of their coursework using innovative technologies in online collaborations. All GEM courses are delivered via the hybrid-online format.

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