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GEM’s Gems June 2013 – Donna Scarborough

May 31, 2013

Donna Scarborough

The Global Energy Management Program is honoring Donna Scarborough, President of Princess Three Operating, LLC, as a “GEM’s Gem” during the first half of the month of June. Scarborough was a member of Cohort IV and graduated from the GEM program in December 2011. The GEM Program thanks Donna for striving for excellence both inside and outside of the classroom.

Briefly describe your current role and responsibilities.

Princess Three Operating is a Texas Railroad Commission Operator and Certified Plugger. As an operator, it is in the business of drilling, completing and operating oil and gas properties. As a certified plugger, it owns six workover rigs providing servicing and plugging and abandoning operations to other operators. My role is to provide strategic planning for the company.

 How has the GEM program benefited you and your company? Have you been promoted since you began the program?

The GEM program benefited the Princess Three Operating by the fact that I was personally reenergized; therefore, a better leader for the company. The Global Energy Management Program’s strategic management and behavioral organization courses reinforced the concepts of what constituted a great company.

 What were some of your favorite things to do during cohort weekends?

I enjoyed learning from great teachers, becoming friends with the other students and going out at night and laughing together.  

 Please share a story about GEM that will entertain other students.

I don’t have just one story. The story was ongoing … getting to know each other so well that you grew to accept and enjoy all the wonderful personalities. There were so many brilliant people in our Cohort. I was in awe of many of them. As I write this, I smile with such fond memories of the closeness we shared.It was such a wonderful time for me. 

 Why did you choose the GEM program at CU Denver?

I had settled upon an MBA at Rice University, but then I was introduced to the GEM program at the North America Prospect Expo (NAPE).It seemed to combine the same course work with the full emphasis in energy.  I wanted to explore the opportunity for Princess Three Operating, LLC in order to invest in alternative energy sources.

Has GEM changed your perspective? If so, how so?

It did not change my perspective.  It was enlightening both personally and professionally. 

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