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GEM alumni connects studies with international policy, Feb. 21

January 24, 2013
Lelie Baer

After the GEM Program published a blog about alumni Leslie Baer’s recent presentation at the Renewable Energy World Europe conference, many people requested to have her present at a GEM Speaker Series. The GEM Program was happy to oblige, and we are looking forward to Leslie’s presentation on Thursday, Feb. 21.

The topic of the presentation is “Small World: How GEM Studies Connect to International Policy We Can Use At Home.” Leslie Baer, MS, MA, is the President/Strategist of Energy Intersections, LLC. Her presentation will begin at 12 p.m. at the CU Denver Business School.  Click here to RSVP.

In 2011, during her GEM studies, Ms. Baer examined the human resource needs of a growing solar thermal workforce within Colorado. She also participated in the GEM International Course, which offered a variety of perspectives on the economical methods of integrating clean energy into today’s portfolios. What do these experiences have in common? They provided the framework of her paper and presentation on challenging current UK renewable energy incentives which she delivered in at Cologne, Germany’s Renewable Energy World Europe, Europe’s leading renewable energy conference and exhibition.

During that conference she learned more about possible energy incentive structures from peers from Germany, England, Italy and other countries and got first-hand updates on UK changes to its structures — in alignment with the recommendations that Ms. Baer and her sources had concluded were necessary. She brought home what she learned and is now working with state legislators on initiatives such as the Renewable Thermal Standard legislative.

Ms. Baer is an all-energies analyst and strategist focused on integrating renewable energies into a modern energy portfolio, particularly for community benefit. She has researched, analyzed, reported on, and developed strategies for small hydro, solar thermal, geothermal, biomass, and photovoltaic technologies, among others, professionally and academically.

Through her firm, Energy Intersections, LLC, Ms. Baer offers strategic consulting to municipalities, counties, REAs, businesses, and other entities looking to cross the divide between traditional and alternative energies. Her pro bono work includes a Renewable Thermal Standard legislative effort as part of a team created by State Senator Gail Schwartz.

Ms. Baer is also a member of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society Board of Directors, through which she is helping to develop statewide seminars that guide community leaders through the process of implementing small hydro projects for local benefit. Since graduating from the GEM program in December of 2011, Ms. Baer has published several papers and articles and spoken at over half a dozen domestic and international events.

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