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GEM Cohort III Graduation June 19, 2011

July 5, 2011


On Sunday, June 19th, 2011 the Global Energy Management (GEM) Program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School hosted its third commencement with the graduating class of Cohort III. Commencement took place at the Westin Downtown Denver Hotel with a reception following the service congratulating Cohort III on their achievement.

The commencement ceremony was officiated by Herbert Rubenstein, GEM professor of Strategic Management for the Energy Industry, followed by an address to Cohort III graduates given by John Turner, Executive Director of the GEM Program. Chris Hansen, Director, Corporate Strategy of IHS honored graduating students of Cohort III by serving as keynote speaker. Mr. Hansen began his address by thanking all of the fathers who joined the graduation ceremony as the commencement of Cohort III was shared with Father’s Day.

Chris Hansen left our graduates with a couple of rules that one of his favorite writers, Atul Gawande, used when he recently addressed newly minted physicians. “First, Count something. No matter what you ultimately do in energy—whether you go into commercial sales, management or become a consultant and never again spend time in a lab or university again—all of us should be scientists. Second, Be engaged.  Be engaged with the biggest energy debates of our time and keep writing, speaking and serving.  Try to put your name in print or give a public talk at least once a year. What you write or present does not need to be perfect or win a Pulitzer Prize, just make sure it adds your unique observations about our world.”

GEM’s graduating class speech was given by Richard Rondeau, who provided a walk through of the courses GEM graduates navigated while earning their Master of Science in Global Energy Management: “We’ve covered a lot of ground over the last year and a half, and we have been given a number of very useful tools and strategies to use in our own organizations.”

John Turner presented Advisory Council member David Banko with a GEM Appreciation award for his continued service and dedication to the GEM Program over the years. An additional GEM Service award was given to Missy Kautt for her exemplary service as Chair of the GEM Advisory Council. Missy has been a huge influence in the success of the GEM Program for the past year serving as Chair of the Advisory Council, the GEM Program looks to her continued support and guidance as the program evolves.

Directly following awards presented to our Advisory Council members, GEM Cohort III Graduate, Justin Hall, awarded the first ever GEM Outstanding Professor Award to Professor of Renewable Energy Management, Michael Miller on behalf of GEM Cohort III.

The ceremony continued with the conferring of degrees to the graduating class of Cohort III including; Mark Bernardi, Jennifer Bredt, Chris Colvin, Austin Crain, Mark Donnelly, Merrill Ferguson, Brian Gregory, Justin Hall, Tim Hoops, Daniel Howlett, Ryan Johnson, Edward McMillan, Blake O’Shaughnessy, Olufisayo Olawaiye, Luis Padron, Christopher Peltonen, Ryan Pocius, Richard Rondeau, Daniel Saunders, Robert Shubin, Michael Terry, Vail Tucker and Michael Whalley.

If you missed the graduation ceremony, you may watch it here:

Global Energy Management Cohort III Graduation

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