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GEM Students Visit National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO

April 25, 2011

Photo Credit: David Graham

Global Energy Management Program visited NREL on April 14, 2011

We started our day touring the Integrated Bio-refinery Research Facility.  This facility develops cost-effective biofuels processes and examines ways to move them into the marketplace rapidly.  We then explored the Outdoor Test Facility site, where researchers study and evaluate advanced PV technologies under simulated conditions indoor and outdoor.  Next we toured the Science and Technology Facility.  In this laboratory industry and academia work together on advanced solar cell technologies and manufacturing to accelerate commercialization.  During lunch, Dr. Mike Pacheco led a discussion on Renewable Energy  Commercialization.  We followed our lunch with a tour of the Research Support Facility, this building leads the nation in being the largest ultra-energy efficient building and prototype for the commercial building industry.  This building was constructed to use 50% less energy than a conventional office space built to code for a similar cost.  We ended our day touring the National Wind Technology Center where we they provide technical support to developing advanced wind and solar technology.

Contributed by:

Phyllis Washington, GEM Graduate Advisor

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