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New Advisory Council Sub-Committees Announced by GEM

March 5, 2011

GEM is proud to introduce two new sub-committees to our Advisory Council (AC):  the Career Resource Committee and the Alumni Committee.  The Career Resource Committee (CRC) is an example of the GEM team’s direct response to students’ requests to develop and offer career services.  Chaired by Jill Sanford (VP of Human Resources, DCP Midstream), the role, strategy and initiatives of the CRC are currently being developed.

Another new addition is the Alumni Committee which was created this summer after the program’s first graduation.  The directives and goals for the Alumni Committee are also being developed; recent discussions have focused on the creation of a mentoring program which would connect new students with GEM alum.  Cohort I graduates, Jennifer Martin (Financial Analyst, Kodiak Oil & Gas) and Chase Boswell (Business Analyst, Laramie Energy II) co-chair the committee.  Stay tuned for exciting new initiatives from these committees!

For those who are unfamiliar, GEM’s Advisory Council is a dynamic group of energy industry executives who have significantly contributed to the development and success of the GEM Program.  They continue to provide the GEM team with advice and guidance on how the program should evolve. This guidance is given through a number of avenues, including the Advisory Council sub-committees.  Each sub-committee is chaired by a member of the AC, below is a description of the remaining committees.

Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC provides hands-on assistance reviewing and vetting the GEM course descriptions, syllabi, and content. The CAC is chaired by David Keyte, CEO, Caerus Oil and Gas, LLC.

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) – The SPC is working with the GEM team to develop a strategic plan that will address the next three years of growth for the program.  The SPC is chaired by Tom Sheffield, VP, Pioneer Natural Resources.

Marketing Committee (MC) – The MC is responsible for providing guidance and direction for the marketing and branding efforts of the GEM Program.  The MC is chaired by Jay Herrmann, VP of Marketing, Xcel Energy.

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